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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trade it Thursday Update!

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is having a GREAT Thursday!!!! I know I am posting this a little sorry :) I have decided my trade for the Halloween Combo Pack I will try again at a later date...sigh....:( but that is bound to happen LOL!!!

You are probably wondering what my trade is for today......I have decided to postpone My Trade It Thursdays for at least one month. I am in the process of clearing out and reorganizing my supplies and prepping. I thought this would be a GREAT time to do so with the kids back in school. I have some really cool things to come and to swap with you guys....But trying to gather things up weekly has been challenging that's for sure!!!...With that being said I have decided to clear out and get them all prepped before I launch this back up again....

Hope you guys will join me when Trade it Thursdays returns......because I would love to get these unused products some use...:)

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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